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Secret Shopper

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. If you have questions about anything being asked for, or would like help from one of our marketing professionals, please call 248-414-6860, or click the big orange button below. If we have suggestions or questions, we will be sure to contact you before getting started.

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All orders requiring a 5 business days or less turn-around time will incur a rush charge.

Restaurant Name

City of Location

Date of Visit

Visit Time and Day

Host's Name / Description

Server's Name / Description

Ranking Scale: 5 = Excellent - 1 = Needs Improvement


1. Was the restaurant’s outside appearance attractive – Did the restaurant have curb appeal?

2. Did the outside appear to be clean – clear sidewalks, clean windows and doors, etc.?

3. Was the restaurant clean and attractive inside?

4. Was the host/hostess area attractive and spacious?

5. How did you feel about the overall appearance of the restaurant?


Photos of the Restaurants Appearance (optional)


1. Were you promptly greeted by the host/hostess?

2. Was the greeter friendly & professional?

3. Were you seated promptly?

4. If not immediately seated, was the host/hostess...

4-A. If the host was occupied, did the host/hostess let you know that he/she would be right with you?

5. Was the server knowledgeable about the menu selection?

6. Did the server suggest a beverage or appetizer?

7. Was the server’s appearance appropriate to the nature of the restaurant?

8. Was the greeter’s appearance appropriate to the nature of the restaurant?

9. Did the food arrive in a timely fashion?

10. Did the server check back with you during the course of your meal?

11. Were the plates cleared at the end of your meal?

12. Was the bill settled in a timely fashion?

13. What was your overall experience with the customer service?



1. What is your overall impression of the menu selection?

2. Did your meal arrive as ordered?

3. How would you rate the overall food presentation?

4. Did the food meet expectations, i.e. quality, temperature?

5. Was the menu item a good value for the price?

6. At the completion of your meal, did your server invite you to return?


Photos of the Restaurants Food (optional)


1. What was your total dollars spent?

2. Were the restaurant hours convenient?

3. Was the overall dining experience enjoyable, leaving you with a desire to return?

Additional Comments on Your Experience

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