The power of social media marketing is undeniable. Billions of people log in to social media across the globe every day, including thousands or even millions in your community. As such, social media grants businesses of any size a unique opportunity to broadcast a message to a wide audience.

There’s only one problem: there are countless other businesses vying for the attention of your audience. Additionally, there’s only so much time in the day. Whether you’re managing your social media yourself or letting the experts at an ad agency do the work, there will always be a limit to the time and energy put into your online presence. With that in mind, it’s vital that you select the right social media platforms for maximum effect.

By selecting only one or a handful of social media platforms, you can achieve greater results than trying to spread yourself too thin across many platforms. If you’re having trouble picking the right platforms or don’t know where to start, consider these questions:

  • What am I trying to achieve with social media? Before starting any social media marketing campaigns, you should clearly define your goals. This includes determining how to measure your success. These can always change and evolve as time passes, but a goal for the present will help guide your efforts. Additionally, certain social media platforms are best for different goals. If you’re trying to engage with other businesses and build a professional reputation, LinkedIn may be a good option. If you’re trying to establish brand awareness and position yourself as a hip company, Tumblr or Instagram might be better choices.
  • What type of content will I be creating and sharing? If you spend more than a few minutes on any platform, you’ll see that some are better suited to certain forms of content than others. Instagram is great for beautiful pictures, eye-catching images and short videos, but won’t be a good option for long-form blog posts or lengthy videos. In comparison, LinkedIn allows you to easily share thoughts in long form posts, but doesn’t currently automatically play short videos like Instagram or Facebook.
  • What platforms do my intended audience use? This one might require a little research, but it’s well worth your time. If you’re trying to reach an older crowd, there’s no doubt that Facebook and LinkedIn are your best bet. Younger generations are trickier, as they tend to hop between social media platforms. Still, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram have all proven popular with millennials.

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