The way you brand is arguably the most powerful tool in advertising and marketing. It’s how you tell you’re customers who you are, what your mission is, why you matter, and why they should care. The power of branding is what makes iPhones seem dramatically different than other phones, even though an iPhone is just a phone made by Apple.

However, just like any tool, branding has to be utilized carefully and correctly– otherwise it can hurt you and make it harder to reach your goals. Even worse, your best marketing and advertising efforts will go to waste without effective branding.

It’s not always easy to tell when your branding is working for you or against you. However, there are some red flags to watch out for:

  1. Your website has an above average bounce rate. There is a bright side here: customers are finding your website, and they are viewing it. Unfortunately, something about your website is turning them off and sending them away rather than drawing them in. While a number of visitors will always bounce, if a large number of visitors are leaving without clicking anything or leaving very quickly, then you might want to re-examine your branding.
  2. You are embarrassed or uncertain about some component of your brand. Maybe it’s your business cards, your logo, a flyer, your website, or something else. If you feel shaky about the face of your business or the way you present it, it’s hard to imagine your customers will feel better about it. If anything, business owners are usually the last to realize that their brand is working against them. If you feel this way, rebranding is probably a good idea.
  3. You aren’t getting the ROI you’d like on advertising. Maybe you’ve made some incredible advertisements and are making a huge push for a new campaign. If the results of your efforts are lackluster, it’s highly likely that your brand isn’t working in your favor. With a strong brand, advertising and marketing will be a piece of cake; with a weak brand, it’s an uphill battle.
  4. You have to compete on price all the time. One of the greatest benefits of a strong brand is that it convinces customers that your product is worth their money. If your brand is struggling, customers might seek out your product solely to save money. If you constantly have to undercut the competition, it might be worth your time to diagnose and fix your brand.

Do these points sound familiar, or are you worried about your brand for another reason? Call us today for sound brand advice honed from years of experience.


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