Like it or not, your website is the first impression you’ll make on everyone browsing the web. No matter how great your website looked when you first launched it, every business would do well to update their site every few years or so to stay relevant and competitive.

Think of it like a dress suit– even the nicest suits will eventually look outdated or worn. Even if you don’t decide to replace the suit entirely, a trip to the tailor will help you make great first impressions.

A similar line of thought can be used for your website. Whether you’re building a new one or just giving it a tune-up, keeping your online presence in top-form pays off.

When we talk to our clients about updating or rebuilding their sites, here are the top five warning signs we listen for:

  • You aren’t getting leads or web traffic. That’s what your website is there for, right? Nothing says “I need a new website” than realizing it isn’t helping you get more business in the first place. If you’re seeing abysmally low traffic or lead numbers for your website, then you should look into updating it, if not rebuilding it entirely. Fixing up your SEO and giving it a new look will go a long ways towards increasing traffic and more importantly, leads.
  • You feel embarrassed when showing it off, apologize for its appearance, or have stopped bragging about it to friends. Nobody views a business and its assets as favorably as the owner themselves. So when you’re starting to be embarrassed by your website, it’s bad news. It’s important for businesses to present themselves in a way that conveys confidence and professionalism, not shame. The internet is no exception!
  • Your website doesn’t look great (or doesn’t show up at all) on mobile devices. Did you know that there are now more mobile users on the internet than desktop users? This means that having a responsive website that works well on a mobile device is an absolute must. If your website was built more than five or ten years ago, odds are your site is not optimized for web devices and is in need of an update.
  • It’s difficult to find things on your website. If you’re uncertain how easy it is to navigate your website, ask a friend or family member who hasn’t been on your site. Your site should be intuitive and effortless to navigate. Otherwise, you risk straining the patience of visitors and leading them to a competitor.

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