Google, Apple, Ikea, and Quicken Loans…what do all of these businesses have in common? They’re all nationally recognized as some of the best places to work, as ranked by Business Insider and Fortune.

If you’ve been wondering how to strategize to attract talent to your company, it’s prudent to examine how these companies manage to earn their reputation as incredible employers. By studying their business practices and ethos’, we can glean insights into how other businesses can draw talent. Sure, the vast majority of businesses can’t do everything these heavy-weights can, but the lessons are pertinent nonetheless.

  • Re-examine your branding. We talk a lot about branding, and with good reason. In a nutshell, branding is how people view your business — which is everything in the world of marketing, advertising, and recruiting. Branding is the anchor to your marketing and advertising efforts, but also dramatically influences your success in recruiting. People like working at businesses with strong brands. If you ask people about their dream employers, they’ll tell you they want to work for the companies that are the best, the most famous, or the most hip. In short, by giving your branding a tune-up, you can increase your odds of drawing in excellent talent.
  • Establish a positive company culture. No one is a better spokesperson for your company than your employees. If your employees rave about working for your company in their time off, talent will come to you, saving you the time and effort of recruitment. Building positive company culture isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the energy. Work to make employees feel valued and respected, no matter their place in the organization. Find ways to make employees feel appreciated, whether that’s giving them adequate time off, free food days, or company parties.
  • Hire for potential. When a candidate is going through the hiring process, it’s easy to rubber stamp the person with amazing credentials and a track record of success. We’re not saying that’s wrong, but it’s also important to broaden your horizons — what about the individual who has a portfolio of great work, but was never promoted at their last job? If you hire bright, hard-working people and give them their moment in the sun, you’ll find yourself with very loyal talent. The only thing better than hiring talent is hiring talent that stays at your organization for long-term growth.
  • Reward the right people. Take care to promote people who are good leaders and benefit your culture. Oftentimes, businesses will promote the people who work the hardest without any consideration of their people skills, attitude, or leadership capabilities. If you only promote the top-earners without any regard for these qualities, you may end up with unpleasant bosses that risk driving away talent.

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