Advertising Agencies are a very fast paced place of business, and there are a lot of different steps in order to get the job done correctly. Few people understand what really goes into our line of work- and I do not blame them, this is not their job. That is why you need to have a true professional with a well trained staff. When meeting with an existing client or new client alike, there are several things that need to be addressed. Without this you have little chance of doing Justice for the client. Here are a few of the most important questions to start with.

  1. What is the business’s ailment?
  2. Can our agency help address and fix this ailment?
  3. What is our plan of action?

We sum these 3 categories into 1, and call this a vision. This is the difference between a production house and PGN Agency. Many so called “agencies” will take any work they can find, knowing that they have no plan on how to succeed. They will leave you burned and broken. Before agreeing to do work with an agency, make sure they are answering the 3 above questions.