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PGN Audio Production: The Sound of Success

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There’s nothing like the amazing power of sound. The right mixture of music, voice and message can capture the imagination in a way no other medium can—and PGN knows how to make that magic happen.

Precisely-crafted audio sets listeners’ imaginations free, letting them create their own internal visualization of your marketing message. As they listen in their cars, in their homes, or on their iPods, you speak directly to them—and they listen.

PGN’s expert producers, writers, and engineers are masters at crafting audio that speaks directly to listeners in the tone that appeals to them, in the voice they understand. Whether in a radio spot or the accompaniment to a web presentation, our audio effectively sets the stage, creates the mood, and drives home the message in unforgettable style. What audio vision do you have in mind? Whether it’s a radio spot, a narration, a soundtrack, a podcast, or something else altogether, PGN is ready to bring it to life.

Radio: Active

Even in the age of multiple digital media, radio remains an incredibly powerful, and intimate, marketing medium—and PGN knows how to do radio right. For years, people have heard our spots in their cars, in their homes, in the grocery store, at the gym — and as sales figures and satisfied clients have shown, they’ve gotten the message loud and clear.

For decades, we’ve produced winning radio spots that appeal to listeners, and drive measurable business results. In a few brief on-air seconds, we get listeners to focus on your product, place the call, visit the website and make the purchase. It’s time to do the same for you.

The Power of Connection

The formula is simple, but never easy:

Capture attention.
Communicate the message.
Convince the viewer.
Complete the sale.

At PGN, we know what to do. We know how to do it. And we make it happen.

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