Back To School

Last week, my daughter started 2nd grade and my son started kindergarten. This year was filled with nervous anticipation and excitement for me and my wife because “this was it” – our kids have left the nest officially. It really got me thinking about the whole idea of going back to school. To kids, it’s the beginning of another grade in school and a progression of the learning process. As for me, “school” ended nearly 16 years ago when I left college for the last time, never to return.

I can’t help but to think about whether I really stopped going to school…

I’ve come to the realization that everyday when my alarm kicks on and AC/DC’s “Let There be Rock” startles me from slumber, it’s time for me to go back to school. The digital world in which we live makes large strides quickly and you always have to be on your game. At PGN, we spend numerous hours honing our craft and researching… and researching… and researching to be on top of industry trends, latest technological advancements and more so that we can truly offer our clients unique solutions and strategies that will help them grow their business. We seek knowledge out and share it with each other so that we may all grow as a unit. Our success is their success and everything that we do is in support of that base philosophy. As individuals, our personal growth and development reflects in the work we do and because we put forth such an effort, our customers win – everytime.

Homework assignment: What was the last thing you went “back to school” for?