How to Create a Brand Persona for Your Business

Every mode of communication you use to reach out to your customer has a hidden message that influences them in making a purchase or filling out a form. To keep customers engaged and even attract new customers, you need a successful brand persona that helps you create a real connection with your audience. 

What is a brand persona?

Your brand persona is a depiction of your brand as a person or personality that represents the attitude, characteristics, and values of the brand. It can be a person, avatar, mascot, or character. The purpose of branding personas is to create a message for the target audience.

How to create one

It can be done in a few steps. But how would you know whether the persona is good enough? It’s easy. If a friend or family member can visualize someone they know at first glance, you get the hint that it will work for a specified segment. 

Now is the time to learn how to create a successful brand persona. 

Establish your brand

Establish your brand, keeping the target audience in mind, and you will be able to hit the right spot. Once done, head to the next step.

Come up with the brand’s personality dimensions

Now is the time to identify some human traits that go well with your brand’s personality. Some examples are:

Sincerity: down-to-earth

Excitement: unabashed and cutting-edge

Competence: trust and security

Ruggedness: Strength and adventure

Sophistication: luxury and class

Brand Persona vs. Brand PersonalityBrand Persona vs. Brand Personality

Confused about brand persona vs. personality? At first, they may seem the same, but they are not. While the former is more about how it looks (usually an avatar or fictional person), the latter describes your brand’s vibe. The brand persona describes the brand’s visual attributes, and the brand personality is a collection of traits that help establish the brand persona. 

Take notes from the brand’s relationship with the audience

What role does the brand play in a customer’s life: a leader, nurturer, curator, or something else? Frame this relationship right and go ahead to create an actual persona.

Create your brand persona

Formalize all these attributes into a person or character. While doing so, you can get inspired by a successful brand persona example, but mimicking won’t help. Come up with an original persona and connect with your audience while giving them an authentic feel.

In a nutshell

Now, you know how a successful brand persona can help you reach new heights with your business. You can take notes from successful competitors but not impersonate them. So, instead of copying elements and ideas from other brand persona examples, you can get it designed based on your brand’s unique characteristics. 

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