Direct Mail Marketing

There are so many options when trying to market and advertise for your business. How do you know what is the right fit for you? Here are a few advantages for direct mail.

  • Reach your customer database. Send out the postcards to your customer database so you are reaching exactly who you want to reach.
  • ROI – There is an increased return on investment when doing direct mail since you are sending the mailer directly to your existing customers; people who already are interested in your company.
  • Results are measurable. Coupon redemption or turnout at an event can be calculated to determine how effective the message was and how strong the offers were to your customer.
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing offers and savings through the direct mail piece.

PGN Agency customizes artwork, offers and promotions for your business based on industry trends. From one postcard to the next, we use a consistent look so the consumer instantly knows the piece is from your company. We can meet with you and discuss your advertising goals to determine if a direct mail campaign will be the most advantageous approach to reach your audience. Call us today to get started!