Email marketing- When performed correctly, this avenue of advertisement can be extremely effective. The goal is to STAND OUT. You do not want to blend in with any form of marketing, and e-mail marketing is no exception.

The first important objective is your headline. The headline needs to grab the readers attention, and display a sense of urgency. We need to give the reader a reason to open their mail.

Once the e-mail has been opened, there needs to be some call to action. Something needs to catch the readers eye, whether it is a limited time offer, or an invitation to an event. The goal is not to drown the reader out in a long, detailed, mashed together life story of your message. Get to the point- don’t make the reader work, make them engaged.

Now that the reader is engaged- ACT. Have some sort of follow through steps for your potential customer to take. Whether is it filling out a contact form, clicking a link to a web page, calling a phone number, or downloading e-book, there needs to be a next step. This step it possibly the most critical- this step is what closes the deal, and turns a prospect into a lead, and a lead into a sale.