Profitability is often a result of the level of a company’s employee productivity. Performance and productivity depend on many factors set in the work environment by the employer. Therefore, it is important that the manager determines the most effective ways to make the work place a pleasant atmosphere where employees are motivated to do their best.

According to, here are 12 simple ways to improve employee productivity:

  1. Make all employees accountable for their goals and their assignments. Delegate specific tasks to employees and clearly explain the responsibility that comes along with the task.
  2. Ensure that you follow up with them about progress at various stages. To confirm effective productivity, follow up with employee on the assigned task.
  3. Avoid micro managing while managing people; remember they are humans, not machines. Provide the finest work atmosphere possible.
  4. Encourage, reward, motivate and recognize all jobs well done. A simple thank you will make your employees feel important and motivated.
  5. Reach out to all the employees working for you. Explain that you care about them and their well-being.
  6. Set realistic and achievable targets for the workers. Attainable goals encourage employees to work efficiently and to the best of their ability to meet set goals.
  7. Encourage team work for better results. Team work allows employees to bounce ideas back and forth and to inspire one another.
  8. Make sure that people enjoy their work and are happy to come to work everyday. Make the work environment pleasant by being encouraging and passionate.
  9. Do not let a task become monotonous and boring. Change up employee’s job tasks based on their ability.
  10. Sponsor your employees for courses; send them to programs that will help them improve their skills. Examples are trainings meant to improve employee’s skills in sales, customer service, communication, public relations, productivity, etc.
  11. Do not waste too much time behind closed doors, spending hours in meetings when that time can be spent on delivering results. Spend only the allocated amount of time in meetings and on certain tasks.
  12. Make sure that you provide your employees with time saving and efficiency enhancing devices. Laptops, smart phones, etc., increase productivity by saving time on jobs.

What are ways you have adjusted company procedures or work settings to increase productivity?