When your non-profit takes advantage of the various social media platforms now available the value is immeasurable. Moreover, the ability to spread awareness for your organization is top priority when it comes to the non-profit realm. Considered one of the best platforms for non-profits, Facebook is now a holy land of blossoming businesses and organizations. With millions of users logging on multiple times a day, Facebook is the perfect place to advertise, fundraise, expand, and connect especially for your non-profit. The platform has come a long way from its early days and still continues to progress. Because Facebook’s non-profit pages recently received a few updates, below are a few things you need to know when navigating these new changes.

Dynamic Ad Design

Facebook recently introduced a new dynamic ad design. These interactive ads allow your non-profit to tell stories while “marketing” your organization. They also include a new scrolling carousel design that allows users to swipe through without scrolling or opening a new page. Another new design allows you to directly advertise posts. These updates will be intuitively integrated into your non-profit page. Once, only available to certain pages, this new update now allows non-profits to further raise awareness. In order to give your organization direct and accurate analytical feedback, ads on the page are filtered and limit spam on users’ news feeds. By limiting what is shown on news feeds Facebook’s goal is to increase engagement. Traffic to your non-profit page is going to dramatically increase as a result of this redesign.

Direct Donation

What if your non-profit could receive direct donations through Facebook? Thanks to the new systematic updates, your non-profit page now has the ability to raise monetary aid individually. As a verified non-profit organization, you can now add donate buttons directly to your page that link to direct giving. Keep in mind that this only applies to US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. As such, you can add donate buttons to page posts, dynamic ads and page headers. While fundraising features are still available they have not been updated for better integration. Non US-based verified non-profit organizations are not allowed to take advantage of the fundraising tools as they are only available to US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Additionally, fundraising tools cannot be included in your organization’s original page; a new page must be created and a dollar goal and time limit must be set. Moreover, fundraisers cannot be advertised like donation opportunities.

Customizable Dashboards

The F8 conference has been Facebook’s largest event of 2017 so far. During the conference, many interesting design updates were introduced, including new analytical features. Now, your non-profit can take advantage of Facebook’s customizable dashboards. These dashboards can be shared across multiple devices with organization page administration. Unfortunately, they won’t allow quick access important information like page traffic and monetary aid from direct donations.

Overall Focus

Following the F8 conference, Facebook stated that their platform continues to find ways to redesign the social media outlet as a whole. More specifically, when focusing on non-profit pages, Facebook promised to increase intuitiveness and ease user experiences. Integrating sleeker media and increasing readability are both goals that Facebook hopes to achieve very soon to make pages less junky. Switching the marketing view of non-profit organizations will open many doors not previously available. While some updates are now available for use and viewing there is still more to come. At PGN Agency, your success story is our success story. With over 25 years of experience, we work hard to get you noticed. If you want to know more about marketing your non-profit on Facebook, call us today at 248-414-6860.