In today’s fast-paced, mobile environment, Responsive Web Design is crucial to your online success. Do you know what Responsive Web Design even is? If you have ever visited a website on your smartphone, then you have experienced Responsive Web Design or lack of it. It’s a way of coding and creating a website to optimize the site across various devices, from laptop to smartphone. It is also an easy way to create a site that looks professional no matter what method is being used to view it. Your website is an integral part of your company, and Responsive Web Design is here to make it the best it can be. Responsive Web Design has many benefits, here are just four of the key ones.

Fluidity Across Devices

You’ve spent hours perfecting the design of your website. Unfortunately, if you’re not using Responsive Web Design, then all of that effort may have been wasted, especially if the coding isn’t device flexible. When using Responsive Web Design the page grids and images are fluid. This means the content on your site changes to the optimal size for each device used. There is no worry of an image or box of text looking out of place because of faulty sizing. Your site will look like the best version of itself whether viewed on a smartphone or laptop.

Cost Effective

Your website is a vital investment for your company, which also means it needs to be cost-effective. Making a separate mobile site is an unnecessary time and financial expense. Simple logic will prove that one site is more profitable than two. As you can see, Responsive Web Design saves you money and time by only needing to design one fluid site. The built-in fluidity of the coding does all the work to optimize your website. Moreover, it’s like purchasing one site and getting two or three in turn.

User Experience

Your website is in most cases the first place a potential customer will go to learn about you. Responsive Web Design creates an optimized version of your site across all devices. So the tech-savvy Millennial and the Baby Boomer who is just proud to be on a computer will both experience your website at its best. The better a potential customer’s experience on your site is the better chance that person will choose your company to fulfill their need.

Google Approved

Google has become a vital part of our online lives. So, when Google says to make your website in a precise fashion, it’s usually in your interest to listen. According to Google using Responsive Web Design has become an industry best practice. Likewise, responsive sites have only one URL making it easier for customers to share information between sites. Therefore, all of this rolls back to user experience, which is a paramount aspect of a successful website.
Responsive Web Design is such a natural and smart choice for your online business. Moreover, it has the Google stamp of approval and user experience at its core. If you are looking to create a site using Responsive Web Design, then PGN Agency is here to help you. Contact us here, or give us a call 248-414-6860.