Free Website Big Lie

So I’m sure you have seen the ad’s for “build your own free website”, or “website- only .99 cents!” We all want to save money and we all want to get a good deal. But it’s not a good deal if you don’t get what you need or what you’re promised. Do not believe the lies. Not a week goes by that I don’t have someone call me or come into my office with tails of good deals on web site that ended up being nightmares. These companies are lying to your face, and are a true betrayal to professional web masters. These companies may save you money initially, but cost you money exponentially in the long run.

Not every business has the exact same needs. No two shoes fit the same foot. Thus, nor do the same keywords or the same content. It’s those differences that can make your ranking, or break your ranking.

If you choose a “free” or “.99 template site!”, you are in fact building the same exact site as everyone else. How can one site stand out and be better if they are all the same? The entire reason for marketing is to set yourself apart from you competition, not be the competition. Or you can drop your price, and practically give it away for free! Is that your marketing approach? To give away everything that you work so hard to earn? Even the best of the worst of the free web builder only have an estimated 350, and there are over 28,000,000 businesses in the US. Do the math- how unique do you feel?