Who knew there were so many more obsolete technologies, I myself had not realized how fast technology has been changing; right before my own eyes.

Dot Matrix Printers:

Can’t say I miss these — particularly when they jammed.


They were also called beepers, but they’re now referred to as relics of the past.

Public Pay Phones:

Can’t find one? I’m sure the person next to you has a mobile phone.

Dedicated MP3 Players:

Like so many items on this list, it’s not so much that these technologies have become obsolete as they’ve evolved or become integrated within other technologies. The MP3 player, which is now standard on any mobile device, is a prime example.

Phones That Allow Neck Cradling:

Old phones were awesome because you could actually cradle them in the crook of your neck, leaving both of your hands free — and you didn’t have to put the person you’re talking to on annoying speaker phone.

Answering Machines:

Pretty standard on all mobile phones now.

What about you, miss any of these?