Have you ever heard the term “Hallowthanksmas?” It is a term used to describe the most wonderful, yet hectic, time of year – the holiday season between October and December. It seems as though every year the amount of time between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decreases. Perhaps it is because the stores put holiday items out months in advance to gear up for the holidays. But do consumers really respond that far in advance?

Google’s Consumer Survey from 2013 showed that 30% of holiday shoppers start their shopping before Halloween. In addition, nearly half of them plan to purchase gifts online. To capture these ‘go-getters’ and those who follow, it is imperative to start executing holiday campaigns as early as September and October. Place emphasis on the major holiday shopping days; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Oftentimes consumers will start early to price shop. Therefore, it is imperative to target these shoppers as early in the season as possible. Reaching the relevant audience early allows for more frequency and in turn a competitive advantage.

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