So you built an awesome website, but you’re still not getting the amount of hits you’d like. Sound familiar?

While it’s possible there just aren’t that many people in your area searching for your type of business (especially if it’s a rare niche), it’s likely that your site is simply not optimized for search engines.

Alternatively, your site could be well optimized for search engines, but is still slowly climbing the rankings. SEO takes time, and even a perfectly optimized site will need some time to start ranking.

While there’s many potential reasons for why your hits are low, there are steps you can take to see how well optimized your site is right now. Below are some easy, free methods for analyzing the optimization of your site:

  • Google Webmaster Tools. Google offers a wealth of resources for analyzing and optimizing your site. These tools are great for even those who are new to SEO, and can get you started on gauging the efficacy of your site. Fetch as Google allows you to see your site as Google does, enabling you to easily identify problematic SEO aspects of a particular web page. As far as free SEO analytics goes, it’s hard to beat those provided by Google themselves. Beyond that, Google offers a number of helpful guides and articles for educating yourself about SEO and how you can boost your site.
  • SEO Report Card. Google may be one of the best, but SEO Report Card is another great tool for quickly and freely analyzing your site for SEO. The report card offers insight into your link building, on-site analysis, rank analysis, trust metrics, and website accessibility. Given that these are all crucial to a solid SEO ranking, this is also worth checking out.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool. Getting past the strange name, you’ll see that the SEO spider is a small yet powerful desktop program for analyzing website elements and links from an SEO perspective. The free version of the tool is effective on its own, though there is a premium version with some extra features.


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