Here at PGN, we talk a lot about the importance of branding. After all, it’s a critical aspect of a successful marketing and advertising campaign. Without a strong brand to tie your efforts together, a campaign will send a misguided message and leave your audience confused.

But let’s say you know all this and went through the steps of developing a strong brand some time ago– how do you know when to rebrand? Brands evolve over time, and even the most timeless brands need to update their image to stay relevant and competitive.

We’ve put together this checklist to see if it’s time for you to rebrand. If any of these points sound familiar, you might want to look into rebranding.

  • Your business has changed or grown significantly, or you feel like you’ve outgrown your brand. Businesses change and evolve over time, sometimes dramatically. For instance, Netflix’s business model has made a huge shift from mailing DVDs to a larger customer base in their streaming services. With such a radical shift, it doesn’t make sense to push forward with a brand that’s no longer as relevant. If your business or business model has changed substantially, you might want to look into re-branding.
  • Your focus has shifted. Maybe you’re still selling the same product or service that you always have. If your business hasn’t changed significantly but your focus has shifted, stop to ask yourself if your brand is still in line with your product and your message. Not all rebranding needs to reinvent the wheel, but a tune-up or adjustment can go a long ways.
  • You’re having trouble differentiating yourself from the competition. Do competitors or similar companies look, sound or feel the same? If you feel like you’re having a hard time communicating what makes you different, it is probably time to do some rebranding. With a stronger sense of what sets you apart, you can distinguish yourself as something unique in an overflowing market.
  • You don’t feel as good about handing out your business cards or website address. Remember that feeling when you shelled out the cash for a brand new website, one to impress visitors and leave a lasting impression? You were proud to show it off and wanted the world to see it. If you’re feeling like your website, business cards or general image are sagging, then it’s hard to believe your audience will feel more positive about it. This is a red flag that rebranding efforts are sorely needed.

Rebranding doesn’t need to be a scary, complicated job. If you’re looking to update your image to get ahead of the curve, call our branding experts today.


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