Email Marketing

Email marketing is no walk in the park. By current estimates, over 140 billion emails are sent every day. The objective of email marketing is to slice through all of that clutter; sending emails that people not only open, but respond to. In the right hands, email marketing can be a powerful tool, as email is still the most dominant method of sharing information online– there are still more people with email accounts than Facebook accounts.

So how does the savvy digital marketer make email marketing work for them? Listed below is PGN’s advice for getting results with your email campaign.

Identify a purpose for your campaign. We’re not looking for the easy answer here– all businesses start an email marketing campaign with the goal of bringing in more business. However, for email marketing to work, you have to dig deeper and ask yourself how you want to bring in more business. Do you want to boost sales for a specific product or service? Do you want to promote a new page on your website or change in the business? Maybe you want to let your audience know about a new website, or page on your website. Whatever it is, you need to have a specific goal in mind. Otherwise, the strength and appeal of your message will be diminished.
Make sure your copy is rock-solid. The first thing a reader will see from your email will be the subject line. Whether or not a reader opens the email will be determined by how persuasive this subject line is. This makes it vital to have the email filled with good copy, especially in the subject line. Your subject line should grab the reader’s attention, but should avoid certain words that tend to turn off the reader’s interest– spam words like “urgent” or “call now.” Respect your reader’s intelligence and time. If you can, go the extra mile to make it stand out from other email marketing messages.
Experiment, and then refine your process. Each business is wholly unique, and each business will require different strategies for success. The best advice we can give is that you should experiment with different methods and approaches, analyze the results and implement what works. We know it’s not easy, but it will produce the best return-on-investment possible. Tweak calls to action, subject lines and the tone of the content. If you closely follow your analytics, you’ll find what works for your business and your specific audience.
● CTA! What is the goal of the e-blast? Are you asking them to buy now? Join a webinar? Whatever your call to action is, it better bethefocus! Keep in mind who you are talking to, and what will trigger them to act now. Urgency is the key!

If you’d like to talk about email marketing campaigns, then give us a call. Here at PGN, we would love to get the chance to discuss how email marketing could help you reach you business goals. Get in touch with us today to see how a new email marketing strategy could work for you.