Brands change. From the oldest to the latest, the largest to the smallest, every brand has to morph and evolve throughout the years.

This evolution can come from changing audience perspectives: as an example, PBR’s brand changed unintentionally recently when it was co-opted by hipsters, which was not a result of any marketing ploy (They’ve caught up since, though).

Usually, though, brand evolution comes from an initiative by the brand itself: a company trying to revitalize their image, or update their look and feel for a brave new world. It’s easy to understand why brands want to seem with-the-times, modern, and cool, but this also means treading a fine line. No brand wants their efforts to seem forced or contrived, or phony and out-of-touch.

In short, how do you update a brand without straying too far from your roots, your core values? Let’s take a look…

Determine your core values first

Before you get started on updating your brand or giving it a new coat of paint, you have to make sure you truly understand what makes your brand yours in the first place. If you don’t have a clear understanding of your core values and your identity, then it’s easy to get lost. Without a defined vision of your brand, you can fall into the mistake of marketing yourself as something you’re not, which audiences will see right through. Ask yourself some questions about your brand: are you trendy, or more old-school cool? Are your products known for being cheap and functional, or high-quality and luxurious? Once you’ve nailed down your brand’s DNA, you can figure out how to change it while keeping the pillars the same.

Do some market research

Ask some of your most dedicated fans what they like about your company, or how they view it. No one knows your company like your customers, after all. Maybe they see something in your brand that the casual customer doesn’t. Armed with that information, you could then tailor your branding to emphasize these qualities. Maybe the regulars at your store know how knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful your staff is — now that’s something you can work into your rebranding.

Remember that trends come and go

It’s always tempting to jump on the latest bandwagon, whether it’s hipster culture or a new diet craze. While it’s always okay to cater to new trends and accommodate them, be wary of ever orienting your brand too strongly around a trend. In a few years, every trend will have likely passed. Instead, focus on timeless values and ideals. Think bigger, and focus on themes like bringing people together, challenging the status quo, or helping people and making a difference in the world.

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