We’ve all heard people talk about how amazing or awful it is to work at a certain company. Some people rave about their office, talking about the free food they get on Fridays, or the office-wide nerf fights their boss’s stage. Other people tell horror stories with deadpan expressions, muttering about offices as quiet as mausoleums and bosses who are constantly poking into their cubicles. It all comes down to a company’s culture.

A positive culture can only benefit a business-owner. It attracts great talent, and will also end up drawing in wonderful clients.

But crafting a positive culture at work isn’t always easy, and it can also be difficult to leverage that culture to attract talent and clients.

  • Identify your values. This is the heart and soul of your company culture. Without values, you can’t have a direction. Why did you found this company, and what do you want to strive for day in and day out? What does your business contribute to the world, and how do your employees and clients fit into this? When you figure out what your company values, you can instill your workplace with a sense of purpose. As a business owner, you need to lead the way in establishing the culture of your company.
  • Shift your attention from profit to your customer. This is the only sustainable way to run a business. Employees will be more invested in their work and what they do if they’re providing a meaningful service for a customer rather than simply raking in huge profits for their boss. A vision focused on helping people, rather than simply making money, will contribute to a positive culture and also draw in clients who need your help.
  • Establish a brand. Brands are powerful– they’re the difference between a sports car and a Ferrari, a soda and a Coke. Branding your business will instill pride in your employees that they’re not just working for another bland company, but one that carries a reputation. It will also draw clients who want the best of the best.
  • Treat your employees well. This is a broad one, so we’re going to list a lot of examples. Offer flexible work schedules, with ample time off and flexibility in working hours– a work-life balance is critical to keeping employees satisfied. Make sure you have a comprehensive on boarding plan to help orient new employees and make them feel like part of the team. If your employees feel like they’re being treated well, you’ll end up attracting some of the best in the business. Additionally, satisfied and enthusiastic employees will be noticed by clients, which is appealing in a business and makes clients feel like they’re in good hands.

We’re passionate about company culture and how it can benefit both our business and our clients. It’s why we come into work everyday and put in long hours for our clients. Stop into our office or get in touch with us to talk about PGN to see how culture can work for you or let us know your thoughts on the subject.