In an increasingly visual world, visual branding has never been more important. A large portion of business marketing is now reliant on the visual branding of the business. Social media is well aware of the importance of visual marketing, just think about all the advertisements you see while on Facebook. However, not all visual branding is created equal. To truly optimize your business marketing through visual branding there are a few important things to keep in mind.

The Voice

Visual branding is the visual “voice” of your business. Every business has a voice, and once you identify it, it needs cultivation in order to grow. Your visual branding should exist in more than your written content and the feel of your website. Use that voice in your visuals as well; they need to continue what you are trying to say while attracting your ideal potential customers. For example, outdoor adventure companies are looking for visuals that depict outdoor scenes or nature color pallets. Consistency across written and visual branding packs a powerful marketing punch.

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is a vital part of visual branding. Visual branding is all about attracting potential customers through images that will appeal to them. For this reason, knowing your ideal customer is critical. You don’t want to attract an audience that has no interest in using your product or services. Marketing with the wrong visuals on the wrong sites will not attract your ideal customer.
If your company is looking for Baby Boomers, Instagram is not the place to be focusing your visual marketing energy. Facebook is a much better place to place marketing targeting Baby Boomers. Alternatively, Instagram is a great place if your goal is to attract the young and adventurous. Likewise, pretty pictures of a modern and minimalist hotel draw the eye of the young and metropolitan, while images of small B&Bs with overstuffed chairs catches the eye of those looking for quiet comfort. Knowing what your customer wants better equips you to market visual branding that reaches your target audience with greater success.

Quality Content

In our age of technology, smartphones come with high-quality cameras built right in. Every day, millions of users scroll through these images on social media. High-quality content isn’t a luxury but a must. Today, anyone can turn an okay picture into a professional photo with just basic filters on their phone. As you can see, to compete online, your business marketing pictures need a professional touch to stand out. Lacking professional visuals sets you apart from your competitors but in the wrong way. You want to show your potential customers that you value them, and quality content is a great start. Putting time into creating quality content says you invest the time needed for your customers. Quickly thrown together content tells the opposite story.

Just the Right Amount

No one likes the assault of repeated advertisements, whether it’s on TV, the road, radio, or online. Therefore, once you’ve created quality content tailored to your target audience, don’t overdo it. We are bombarded by advertisements all day, and that is not something your customers want to associate with you. You want your visual branding to make a potential customer keep thinking about you because they’re attracted. Posting too much, even if the content is good, has the opposite effect.
Visual branding has the potential to make or break your online presence. Our increasingly visual world and virtual lives force business marketing to up its game. If you want to improve your business’ visual branding, PGN Agency is here to help. Our business marketing solutions are here to take your visual branding to the next level. Call us today, at 248-414-6860.