As a marketing and branding agency, our team tries to stay on top of the ever-changing Instagram news and updates. But like trying to keep up with the Kardashians, the surprises are never-ending. In this blog, we are focusing on Instagram tips for your business that have a greater chance of improving your reach and engagement on social media. By making your content SEO-rich and your business easy to contact, views become followers and followers become business. 

At least, that’s the goal. Let’s dive in! 

How Do I Market My Business on Instagram?

Getting your business on social media is an important part of your small business marketing strategy. Instagram has tools that are exclusive to entrepreneurs and creators. 

When creating your profile, be sure to set up your professional account and select a category that best suits your business. For example, PGN Agency’s category is set as “Media Agency”. This helps Instagram’s algorithm to find your page when users are searching for similar content. 

New Instagram Updates to Your Profile 

Having your contact information displayed on your profile is of utmost importance when it comes to building your business’ Instagram presence. In order to increase organic traffic, users should be able to find your website with ease. 

Instagram also has features that allow for shopping and ordering directly from your profile. This simplifies the buying process and makes the odds much greater that a customer buys your product on the spot.

As of April 18th, Instagram has released a new feature that allows page owners to display multiple links on their profile. This is a big step up from the single link that was previously provided. With this new Instagram feature, it is easier than ever to direct traffic to important links. 

New Instagram Updates to Your Profile 

What is the Best Posting Strategy on Instagram?

You’ve made your professional Instagram account. Now you may be wondering, what is the best strategy for posting on Instagram? Well, join the thousands of social media managers and business owners who are also trying to crack the code! 

What we know is that consistency is key. Industry leaders recommend creating a strategy and sticking with it rather than posting on a whim. Presently, we see encouragement of at least 1 post a day. Also encouraged are 6 stories daily, reels, and engagement with followers. Video is still proving to produce the most conversions. 

Sounds like a lot of work, right? If you’re serious about growing on IG it may be time to enlist the help of a social media agency like PGN. Just sayin’! 

Instagram Update to the Algorithm 

Word on the street is that Instagram will begin prioritizing photos over videos. Adam Mosseri, IG CEO, admits that the app pushed video too hard in 2022 and will shift the platform’s focus back to photos in 2023.  We know what you’re thinking – I JUST bought a tripod for my Reels! We’re over the back and forth, too. 

Regardless, we recommended sticking to a strategy that has proven to work for your brand. If you’re unsure of whether photo or video content performs better, test it out! Our team plans to share both equally. 

How to Use Instagram’s Carousel Posting

Carousel posts allow users to share both photos and video in one post. This makes it easier to upload content without cluttering your feed. What we love about using carousel posts on Instagram is that your post will continue showing in followers feeds until they’ve swiped through the entire gallery. Trick or treat? Do with that what you will…

How to Use SEO on Instagram

You might be wondering, does Instagram have SEO capabilities? The answer is yes!

SEO On Your Instagram Profile 

Instagram’s SEO capabilities start on your profile. Your username, professional page category, and bio are the first places you should make sure are SEO-rich. 

SEO On Your Instagram Posts

The buzz is this: longer captions full of SEO-rich copyrighting but nothing TOO robotic sounding. Here are some ideas to encourage SEO on your captions: 

    • Starting your caption off with a powerful hook 
  • We lost 100 followers this campaign. But we would call it a success. Here’s why.
    • Starting your caption off with a question
  • Are you exhausted by the ever-changing Instagram algorithm? We’ve got you. 
    • Using common search terms when describing your work 
  • For this client I provided the following services: graphic design, logo design, and brand photography

Instagram Hashtags for SEO

Remember when hashtags were #justforfun? Turns out, they’re great for business. Reviews are mixed, but we believe that the more hashtags, the better. If it increases your chance of being seen, where’s the harm in throwing them in at the bottom of your post? Tips for Instagram hashtags include: 

  • Use commonly searched hashtags relevant to your work #GraphicDesign #AgencyLife
  • Use common hashtags relevant to your area  #RoyalOakBusiness #MetroDetroitBusiness
  • Use niche hashtags specific to your business #PGNAgency #CreativityMeetsResults 

Instagram Updates to Reels

Just when you think you’ve gotten the hang of a new feature, developers roll out something new! If you’re wondering, how do I make my Reels seen on Instagram we have a few tips:

  • Use trending audio (look for the arrow icon).
  • Select 3 topics relevant to your brand and content.
  • Geotag your location to reach your target audience.
  • Add a call-to-action! Turn on the “Add Message Button”. 
  • Give your custom audio a name to encourage use from viewers. Hint: Use your own username!

Instagram Updates to Reels

Instagram For Your Business: Hire a Social Media Manager 

Changes to social networking apps like Instagram and Facebook are constant. If managing your social media isn’t something you have the time or expertise for, it may be time to enlist the help of a marketing and advertising agency. 

PGN Agency has been serving Metro Detroit small businesses for over 39 years. For services ranging from social media, to logo design, to web development, choose PGN! You can reach us via our website or shoot us a DM on Instagram or Facebook