Here at PGN, we’re all about content. More than ever before, brands are achieving success with content marketing. But as content marketing grows in popularity, it gets more and more competitive to make your voice heard.

The solution is to create content that’s not only good but amazing. Of course, that’s easier said than done. The good news is that by studying content marketing superstars, you can glean insights to apply in your own content.

Here are some of the best examples of content marketing we found, as well as a brief description of why we think they’re so great.

  1. Beautiful and inspirational content from Whole Foods. This grocery store has made a big splash in marketing and advertising recently with their excellent food-oriented content. Their Instagram is chock-full of beautiful pictures of food, which inspires audiences to get out and cook with their all-natural, organic ingredients. Meanwhile, their blog discusses environmentalism in the food industry and every-day life, as well as recipes and food discussions. Whole Foods shows restaurants and grocery stores how to do food content right.
  2. Adidas’ career and general life advice from a winning athlete’s perspective. One of the best things a content marketer can do is provide expert advice that actually helps people. By making a difference (however small) in someone’s life through content, you’ll build a positive image of your brand and encourage visitors to come back for more. Adidas does this excellently with career and life advice inspired by sports.
  3. Financial advice from the experts at Bank of America. Practical advice may not be the flashiest content, but it’s never going to go out of style — especially when it comes to money. Bank of America has been providing excellent content oriented around saving money and making smart financial decisions. With a broad coverage of financial topics, BoA’s blog has a little something for everyone.
  4. Practical, DIY guides from Home Depot. We frequently stress how great content helps people. For anyone looking to fix and build things around the house, the Home Depot blog does just that. From room makeover guides to straightforward “build it yourself” instructions, Home Depot leads the way in DIY content.
  5. Denny’s outlandish and funny viral content. Many companies have tried to harness viral content and internet comedy for their own ends, but few have achieved as much success as Denny’s. They just seem to “get it,” and have won over an impressive following on Tumblr as a result. Check it out for yourself.

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