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Marketing Success – Proven In Action

It’s one thing to talk about generating measurable marketing results. It’s another to show it.

PGN can demonstrate real-world, bottom-line results—client after client, and year after year. Here are a few of our favorite success stories.

pgn agency client pierino frozen foods

Pierino Frozen Foods


A 43-year-old family-owned firm was faced with two choices: Seize the chance to exponentially expand its market by becoming a significant supplier to major national restaurant chains, or become regionally marginalized as others took advantage of the opportunity. Pierino’s needed to effectively communicate the unique value of its specialty products to a demanding professional audience while conveying an impression of corporate strength and capability.


PGN crafted an integrated suite of complementary initiatives: Print ads, web video, and trade show materials. This campaign was oriented towards positioning Pierino’s as a capable high-volume producer of premium pasta while showcasing the familial pride and commitment to quality standing behind the products. The first print advertisement drew an immediate response, generating more call volume than any other initiative in the company’s history. Pierino’s quickly attracted the attention of several major national restaurant chains. The net result: New national clients, and millions of dollars’ worth of additional business.

pgn agency client motorcity harley davidson logo

Motor City Harley-Davidson®


What does a typical motorcycle dealership in the snow belt do in the winter months? Usually, not much. Motor City Harley-Davidson® needed dealership traffic and increased sales during Michigan’s long non-riding months.


PGN quickly determined that the most effective means of making big gains in traffic and sales quickly was a promotion targeted at current Harley owners. These dedicated bikers were ready to ride, and already anxious for winter to be over. We created the Monster Motor Makeover® promotion, an opportunity for customers to win a $6500 performance engine upgrade for their bikes. Direct mail, in-store posters, email and phone blasts invited and encouraged customers to visit the dealership to submit their entry forms.

The results: Sensational. Monster Motor Makeover generated $137,000 in additional parts/accessories sales and service work over the following three months, and the in-store contest drawing resulted in the largest customer turnout in Motor City Harley’s history.

pgn agency client dollys pizza logo

Dolly’s Pizza


Dolly’s Pizza franchises in metro Detroit suffered from two big challenges: Too few delivery customers, and food cost price points outside of acceptable margins. Customers loved the pizza—franchise lobbies were always packed. But Dolly’s needed more customers on the phone, and more delivery drivers on the road.


PGN tackled both issues head on. We developed a high-visibility print campaign based upon an 11 x 11 square, mirroring the shape of Dolly’s signature pizza, adorned with colorful, high-impact graphics. The campaign’s message emphasized the customer convenience of Dolly’s delivery service, compounding the value with an irresistible discount offer. The result: A 31% average increase in delivery volume, as delivery orders rose from one-fifth of Dolly’s business to nearly half. As volumes and delivery revenues rose, food cost margins shrank: Increased driver productivity slashed per-order costs.

The Power of Connection

The formula is simple, but never easy:

Capture attention.
Communicate the message.
Convince the viewer.
Complete the sale.

At PGN, we know what to do. We know how to do it. And we make it happen.

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