In any business, marketing is the bread and butter of gaining profit. It brings in people who otherwise wouldn’t have organically found your product. Learning how to incorporate marketing into social media is difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Marketing for different social media platforms is taxing, especially when you’re not sure how to do it properly. To learn how to incorporate marketing across different social media platforms, keep reading.


Facebook currently has 2 billion users and counting. This is a huge opportunity for your business to gain some serious revenue. Create a Facebook business page so people can know all about your company. Set your company logo as your profile picture, and set a cover photo so that they both flow well together. Remember, this is not just so people see you, you want people to purchase your products. If your page doesn’t look professional, viewers will not want to become customers as they will feel like you do not care about the business. Create fun, engaging posts and videos, then respond to customer comments so they feel included. Also, use Facebook Insights to analyze your page’s performance. Business News Daily offers great insight into marketing with Facebook, as well as other top platforms.


Twitter has over 313 million active users and a lot of them are from a younger demographic, making it a great marketing tool. Again, it is important to have a professional feel to your Twitter handle and pictures. Pay attention to trending hashtags so your business can stay relevant in the social media world. You do not want to look as if your account is some random person instead of a growing qualified business. Also, spend time creating tweets that are unique and fun compared to your competition. Quirky tweets will stand out to people while they are scrolling through their feed.


Instagram has roughly 700 million users, which makes this social media platform a gold mine for your business. For Instagram, having a theme to your account will make your business stand out. A theme can be the filter you use, the color you incorporate, or the items you post. Usually, people tend to like bright, crisp, flat layouts that include a lot of light colors such as white or gray. Take the time to plan your posts and have a reason for posting, incorporating links to your business sporadically. Just like Twitter, make sure to pay attention to trending hashtags so your business can stay relevant in the social media world.


Snapchat has an estimate of 158 million users every day. Even though Snaps only last for a certain amount of time, it’s still a great marketing outlet. You can use Snapchat to provide your customer base with an authentic view of what’s going on in your business or at a special event. Give your audience a sneak peek of what’s to come so they feel special, which will want more people to know about your brand. Try announcing discounts, contests, or new perks that your company is offering.

Marketing for different social media platforms is extremely important for your business. It puts your company’s name out there for everyone to see. Remember to answer your audience on Facebook, create quirky tweets for Twitter, have a theme that flows on Instagram, and give your audience something extra special on Snapchat. PGN Agency is the leader in business marketing and we know how to do it across all social media platforms like the back of our hand. For personalized help, call (248) 414-6860.