Do you know how much social media is too much? As more businesses branch out into digital and online marketing, this question must be answered. The results are beneficial for both marketing and brand recognition purposes. The general belief is that the more social media you use, the more brand recognition you get. Throughout the years, this belief continues to be true. Research indicates that a majority of people make purchases based on content seen on social networking platforms.

Can There Be Too Much Social Media

It seems impossible that there could really be such a thing as too much social media. However, if your company does not have the resources available to focus on all social platforms, focuses on the wrong one, or you spread yourself too thin, you’re wasting your marketing dollars. In this way, excessive social media is possible.

Focusing on The Wrong Social Media Format

If you have a limited budget or only a handful of employees, then you need to find the right social media account for your services If you are focusing on YouTube and your target audience is Baby Boomers, you’re wasting valuable marketing dollars on the wrong social media format. Your business would be better served focusing on Facebook or Pinterest if your target audience is Baby Boomers. Of the top social media outlets that Baby Boomers use, YouTube does not show up. However, if you are targeting grade school or teenage boys, then YouTube would be a preferred method of engagement.
Targeting the wrong audience can make the best product tank. Verify which social media platforms your target audience uses before creating your campaign. Don’t waste your marketing budget on the wrong social media outlet.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Another instance of using too much social media in your business is trying to have a presence in all social media formats. Many people make the mistake of equating their success with excessive social media use. They believe it results in improved marketing and brand recognition. If this is truly the premise of success, then what could go wrong? Unfortunately, anything can go wrong when you don’t understand the outlet you are using or don’t produce quality materials for the different social media outlets available.

Not Understanding the Social Media Outlet

LinkedIn is intended for business-centered social networking. Its purpose is to assist people with making connections in the professional realm. Posting status updates on LinkedIn is not going to give you the same engagement that you would receive posting the same information as a Facebook Post.

Providing a Weak Social Media Presence 

The last instance of too much social media is providing weak content. If you do not have enough time or resources to focus on all types of social media, more is not going to be better. You will be providing brand recognition but in a bad light. If you don’t have the capabilities of providing quality materials on all social platforms, select one or two that your target audience uses the most and produce quality content for those. Use your marketing dollars to hone in on the people you hope to attract and provide killer content for them.
When you utilize social media correctly, it can make a world of difference in your marketing campaign. Contact PGN Agency to get help in determining the right social networking outlets for your company. Our experts are ready to offer you advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your online marketing. To begin the verification process, contact us today at (248) 414-6860.