It’s finally here…

Those 3 words resonate substantially with the crew here at PGN Agency. The path to the release of our brand new responsive website started well over a year ago. Ironically, every website we build is responsive, but our own was not.

When working with our clients and discussing their needs, the question was always brought up, “If a responsive website is so important, why isn’t yours then?”. There is one simple truth that answers that question – we put our client’s needs ahead of our own.

Because of the slow moving process for this project, the desire to re-design again and again came up. From top to bottom the concept, look and functionality changed multiple times. Finally, with steely determination, it all came together and we have arrived at our destination. As a team, we are extremely satisfied with the finished product and feel that it was all worth the wait, even though, we haven’t been able to provide a friendly web experience to our visitors until now. And for that, we are truly sorry.

I’d be lying if I told you this project was easy, 2014 has been a very busy year so far here at PGN. If it weren’t for a very understanding wife and kids, who let me work from home at night and over the weekends this launch would probably have been awhile off, so thank you!

This new incarnation of PGN Agency’s website isn’t a re-skin, but more of a fresh start. None of the previous images, page content, blog / post entries from the old website was re-used. PGN Agency – Reborn.

Look for a more consistent blogging presence in the near future as well as more additions to the website, including a bio page that focuses on the incredible people I have the pleasure of working with everyday.