With the rise in technology, it’s no surprise that video production has become one of the best marketing tools for businesses. Videos create an advantage that you won’t find with any other marketing tool. An impactful video makes a lasting impression by connecting emotionally with viewers. It’s the best way to build trust and connect with viewers. While written marketing gives important information about your business and helps increase traffic, it doesn’t stick with people like video production does. Videos give your company the right amount of flare and personality to drive customers your way. Here are ways that impactful video production can be a powerful asset to your business.

Wider Reach

The goal of marketing is to expand your businesses reach. Video production is the perfect way to accomplish this. Videos can be uploaded on to well-trafficked video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This gives you an enormous amount of free marketing which makes video production very cost-efficient. One impactful video can circle the globe in a matter of minutes.


Have you ever seen a video that just stuck with you? An impactful video can stick with someone for days. Videos are more likely to be shared over and over again. This will drive a significant amount of traffic to your business. Video marketing is the leading way to influence and engage target audiences. Businesses that use videos for marketing are more likely to influence their audience on social media and on their websites.


People are more likely to watch a video production because it’s convenient. It’s the same reason that many people prefer watching movies over reading the book. Most people don’t have nor want to take the time to read. Honestly, in this digital age, most people prefer to get their information conveniently via video. This means that if a video pops up on someone’s search result, they are more likely to click and watch it instead of reading the text-only search result. By simply providing more convenience, you guarantee more traffic for your business.


One very powerful feature that video production provides is the ability to improve local search results with geotags. You can geotag a video and then fill the video’s descriptions and tags with those keywords. This way your video pops up at the top of search results that include your business niche. In addition to this, adding a hyperlink to the beginning of your video production description helps generate more visitors to your website. It’s a great way to drive more business in your direction.

The combination of moving pictures and sound can create a powerful production. A picture can be powerful, but a video can be extraordinary. It doesn’t have to be expensive to produce a broadcast video or video for your website and the free marketing that comes with today’s social media is priceless. PGN Agency has over 30 years of experience creating impactful videos for marketing and advertising. See how PGN Agency can help you meet and succeed your marketing and advertising goals by contacting us at 248-414-6860.