Power word mouth

When a friend, family member or co-worker tells you about a wonderful experience and amazing food at a new restaurant or goes into great detail about their new piece of technology, do you listen and trust their opinion? Research shows that you do! In fact, word of mouth is still the most effective way to gain new customers, even with all of the review sites out there. Word of mouth stems from the consumer having an experience with your brand that they believe they would not have had if they had chosen a different brand. It’s important to make your customers feel like they are invested in your brand as a valued customer.

Some consumers, especially those aged 18-29, are doubtful or disbelieving of advertising and are cognizant of the fake positive reviews out there. This however, does not mean to rely solely on word of mouth. Traditional advertising; direct mail, newspaper, etc., is a way to build brand awareness and stay in the minds of your consumers.

What are some products or services you tried after hearing about them through word of mouth? What experiences you have had that you shared with others?