Creating high-quality web videos can be super fun but also require a lot of hard work. It also requires great equipment. Creating Web Videos on devices like your cell phone isn’t impossible, but it’s also going to make your life so much more difficult in trying to produce high-quality videos that people will enjoy watching over and over again. If you are serious about creating web videos, this post will help you know everything that you will need.

Video Camera

Obviously, a video camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed to create web videos. However, not just any camera will do, you will need a high-quality video camera. If you are working alone, you want to make sure that this comes with a remote control. You will also want to make sure that it is an HD camera to ensure that the image quality is superb.


Using a tripod to shoot videos, helps to provide quality footage. The most important benefit to using a tripod is to make sure that your camera’s focus stays steady. This purchase usually goes hand-in-hand with purchasing a high-quality video camera. Decent tripods are not that expensive. In fact, you can get a seventy-two inch stand for about twenty dollars. While it’s not really expensive, it is a great investment.


Microphones are important for making sure that the sound quality of your web video is just as good as the video quality. No one wants to watch a great video with sub-par sound, or even worse, no sound. There are all kinds of microphones that you can purchase for this purpose. The best thing to do would be to assess your situation and compare prices from several different vendors. You might take into consideration whether this mic needs to be held by another person. A perfect example of this would be a portable boom mic. If you are working alone, this mic isn’t something you want to invest your money in.


I wouldn’t consider lighting the least important bit of equipment on this list. The right lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of the video that you create. Using a great lighting set helps you produce web videos with greater quality. It ensures that whatever you are capturing is well lit so that your camera stays 100% focused.

If you want to create high-quality videos with great sound and lighting, you want to invest in a decent camera, tripod, microphone, and lighting set. The value of these items is immeasurable due to the time it will save you in post/editing. While many of these items will depend on your budget and crew size, there are tons of options out there for reasonably priced web video equipment. At PGN Agency we understand the importance of impactful web videos. Our award-winning team can provide you with highly-efficient and transforming video content. Contact us today at 248.414.6860.