Does your brand or company have reputation management needs? Most people have heard that more people are inclined to go out of their way to complain or deface a company for bad & mediocre service or for even differences in expectations. Good customer service and products are often reflected in the price that we pay for them. So, if you’re paying only a buck for a burger why would you expect it to taste better than the $10 burger available just down the road?

Why is reputation management so important? Consumers are more apt to research services online and read customer reviews for those services. When the majority of the reviews are poor, people tend to look to someone or somewhere else to fulfill their need. Some people can’t be satisfied no matter what you attempt to do for them, so it is rare that companies have flawless scores.

Reputation management is not about burying bad reviews, it’s about delivering on a promise to the consumer. Its about building relationships and trust with clients. Its about giving them a clear path to voice their opinion, where if done right, your customers will have good things to say and the bad review is just an aberration.

Is your company getting noticed for the right reasons?