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Search Optimization = Site Optimization

What makes for great search engine results? A great website.

In today’s search engine landscape, optimal results are driven by optimal user experiences. Sites that give visitors the information they want, presented in a logical and appealing fashion, are the sites that rank highly. Sites that don’t measure up to users’ expectations—or worse, engage in questionable “optimization” tricks—spiral ever downwards in the rankings.

For PGN, search optimization is an integral part of the site development process. At every step, we ensure that the sites we build are created in accord with the most up-to-date guidance from Google and the most robust optimization methods firmly in place.

We don’t need to build a site, though, to help it to rank highly. Using our proprietary site analysis methodology and tools, we’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing site, develop a plan to address them, and create the custom content, keywords, or other enhancements to move you up in the rankings—and in front of your customers’ eyes.

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SEO: What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

What matters most: Being first in search rankings—or acquiring customers? Often, they’re the same thing. But when SEO is performed poorly, they can be mutually exclusive. PGN recognizes that search engine success cannot come at the expense of quality content, a pleasing user experience and an effective conversion process.

The search landscape has changed. Unfortunately, many agencies and consultants haven’t seemed to notice. Search optimization tactics that worked yesterday may get you blacklisted from search results today, doing almost irreparable damage to your business. Outmoded tactics like link farming, keyword stuffing, comment spamming, and overuse of anchor text are now actively penalized by Google and other leading search engines—and their restrictions are getting tighter all the time.

As your SEO partner, PGN will deliver only optimization services that deliver results while maintaining your site’s good standing, the integrity of its content, and the quality of its performance—both today and tomorrow.

The Power of Connection

The formula is simple, but never easy:

Capture attention.
Communicate the message.
Convince the viewer.
Complete the sale.

At PGN, we know what to do. We know how to do it. And we make it happen.

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