Creating a photography portfolio that stands out among others is a challenging task. Whether it’s an online portfolio or a physical one, there are guidelines that need to be followed in creating it. Showcasing your photography portfolio properly is important because this could mean the difference between gaining a client or losing one. To get our perspective on the proper way of showcasing your portfolio here at PGN Agency, keep reading.

Make Sure You’re Targeting the Right Demographic

No matter what type of photography you specialize in, make sure you’re targeting the right demographic. If you’re a wedding photographer, you wouldn’t want to have too many images of flashy or crazy subjects. Customers from that demographic generally like clean looking images with light colors. Or if you’re a fashion photographer, you would want the crazier images in there that scream what fashion is all about.

Be Selective

When creating your portfolio, make sure to only have the best images and a small amount. You should only have about 8-12 images in your portfolio. Having a large amount that is only sub-par will send clients away. No one wants to sit and flip through 30 images, even if you feel like they are all amazing. Make sure to only select the best. Eliminate everything that doesn’t have that wow factor. Then, get another opinion about which images you have selected that way you know they are the best of the best.

Strategically Order your Images

When a potential client is viewing your photography portfolio, you want to make sure they are left with a strong impression. Creating an order for your images to be in that puts has the strongest images at the beginning and the end is a great way to do this. The moment they open your portfolio, they will be impressed. Put the still strong, yet not quite as good images in the middle. Then finish it off with a punch with strong images at the end. The last image they see will stay in their minds more than the others, so make it a good one.

Keep it Current

You don’t have to constantly change up your portfolio, but it should be current and represent you as a photographer. If your photography portfolio has images that are several years old, then you need to change it up. Also, take a moment to reflect on your portfolio. Does it represent your image and brand you are trying to create? Does it reflect your personality? If the answer is not clear, then immediately change it up. Trying to gain clientele with an outdated portfolio that misrepresents you is not a smart move.

Showcasing your photography portfolio properly is life or death in the photography industry. Remember to target the right demographic, be selective with the images you choose, have a strategic order placing the strongest images first and last, and keep your portfolio current. Here at PGN Agency, we want to help with your success and give you the right tips to excel in this industry. Need more help? Contact us by phone at (248)414-6860.