No matter the size of your company, marketing will always be at the top of your checklist. It makes the corporate world go around by constantly bringing in new customers. But doesn’t every small business want to rise to be as big as the leading competitors? In this article, you will discover what small businesses can learn from big business marketing strategies.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

In today’s day in age, social media is everything. People wake up and immediately get on their social platforms. One of the top marketing strategies you need to follow is using social media to your company’s advantage. Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks all have strong presence’s online. Spend time planning social media posts, creating completions for your customers, and answering every question or comment online. Doing so will make more people see your products and have a positive outlook on your company overall, knowing that you are always there to help.

Stay Consistent

As a small business, you need to prove yourself to your customer base. The fortune 500 companies had to do this in the beginning as well. A marketing strategy to take from them is how consistent they are. Think of Coca-Cola, they have always stayed relatively the same with their flavor, logo, and bottle shape. Starbucks may add festive themes to their cups, but the logo has never changed. This gives customers confidence in your company and the standard of quality you will provide for them.

Provide Information Instead of Pushing Advertisements

Another one of the biggest business marketing strategies is providing information instead of shoving ads in the public’s faces. There are many commercials that are created by big businesses that offer information about their products or why you need them. Take, for instance, Geico, Progressive, and Colgate. These companies have produced informative commercials with real information, that makes customers trust them and want their product.

Set up an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is where another small business or major social media influencer promotes your business or specific product.  This is an extremely popular process on YouTube. There are many YouTubers who are given products, asked to review them or show them in their videos, and then offer a discount code with a link in their description to the company. The YouTuber is paid for their services, and their viewers will essentially become your customers in return.

Seek Partnerships

What is something you always see happening amongst big businesses? Partnerships. Big companies are always coming together to create a limited product or blending their businesses into one. Seeking out a partnership for your small business is one of the more brilliant marketing strategies out there. This is simply because you gain more revenue, insight from the company and trust with your customer base since another company they know is working with you.

When asking yourself what small businesses can learn from big business marketing strategies, refer to this article. Remember to use social media platforms to your advantage, stay consistent with your product and brand, provide information instead of pushing advertisements, create an affiliate program, and seek out partnerships. PGN Agency is the leader in business marketing and we know how to target the correct audiences like the back of our hand. For personalized help, call (248)414-6860.