Companies are not crafting what they are saying before posting it via social media. The best way to develop powerful language is to understand the emotion that makes customers act. (Logic makes your customers think, but emotion makes them buy.) Social media, which is supposed to expose customer tendencies, is actually creating an absence of effective language. Agencies feel like they have to constantly communicate when they are invested in social media. In doing so, they communicate low-quality, usually poorly written messages that often are ineffective and can be a waste of money and resources. Social Media can be an effective tool when used properly but overuse in an effort to gain quantity of followers over quality is a mistake.

At PGN we assess our clients immediate needs, decide the best course of action for their Social Media campaign and post accordingly. We realize people don’t want to be bombarded with countless postings so we cut back on the frequency and focus on the quality of the message to make our point more powerful and memorable.