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How big is your business’s online footprint? These days, a great website isn’t enough: Customers want to reach you through the online vehicles they choose, in the time and manner of their choosing. Establishing a strong, brand-centered presence across a range of social media destinations is one of the easiest—and most cost-effective—ways to build your brand presence and build your business, even as you greatly enhance your own site’s search engine results.

Even so, social media isn’t foolproof. Not all social media sites are suited to every business—and neglect or mismanagement of your social presence can actually work against your success. Careful planning and diligent management are key elements of social media success. That’s where PGN comes in.

Social Strategy + Social Tactics = Business Results

PGN’s web development pros are masters when it comes to maximizing the value of social media. We’ll consult closely with you to consider which presences, if any, are right for you. Then we’ll develop a comprehensive strategy covering content, post frequency, branding, cross-platform integration, and friend/follower acquisition, geared precisely to your business objectives.

The best thing about working with PGN to develop your social presence? Our integrity. We won’t recommend platforms that won’t work for your business. We won’t sell you services you don’t need. And your social media presence is yours: We won’t lock you in to long-term maintenance contracts, if you’d rather manage your accounts yourself. Our goal: Laying the groundwork for your success. Period.

Whether you want to start small with a simple Facebook page, or conduct a comprehensive cross-platform campaign, we’ll work with you to create a social strategy and practical, workable implementation processes that build your business.

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