It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Likewise, the shortest path to success is found by learning from others. These three successful marketing case studies demonstrate how to initiate a conversion funnel, launch a new product, and advertise through new venues. Big or small, every business can learn from these examples.

Dr. Ruth Roberts – Veterinarian

Few businesses have enjoyed the kind of success Dr. Ruth Roberts, an integrative veterinarian, enjoyed with her marketing campaign. She and her team began by targeting the ultimate desire of their specific target audience. In this instance, the audience was made up of pet owners looking to alleviate the pain of sick or injured pets.

Once she had her target and angle narrowed down, she commissioned a sales video full of helpful tips and advice for concerned pet owners. This video tied into an email campaign that provided freebies and further advice to pet owners. Relatable stories tied it all together. As a result, the video and emails provided the top of Dr. Roberts’ conversion funnel. In the end, the marketing campaign increased conversions by 50%

Coca-Cola Life

One of the biggest soft drink companies in the world, Coca-Cola, faces a lot of negative feedback from health and lifestyle advocates. Because of this, the company created a number of low calorie alternatives to its primary, sugary product. Still,  the company has faced a new round of criticism for the potential side effects of concentrated doses of artificial sweeteners. A new product, Coca-Cola Life, mixes sugar with stevia leaf extract, a more popular and natural low calorie sweetener.

In order to launch the product, Coca-Cola relied heavily on outdoor advertising combined with internet and other media marketing. For example, one of the biggest pushes came from a pop up shop in London, backed with celebrity endorsement. The campaign propagated itself via social media through a contest fans could participate in through hash tags and photos. The winner would receive a trip to New York. This blend of advertising gave the product a successful launch. In the end, it won a consumer base that has kept the product on the market.


As consumers gradually change how and where they get their entertainment, brands are learning how to successfully market on developing platforms like YouTube. Rather than building a single, generic video for all of YouTube’s varied audience, the company targeted individual areas of interest. As a result, viewers watching family content received an ad about a mother launching her own company with HP products. Fans catching up on sports and gaming watched ads centered around Star Wars. As you can see, the brilliance of this strategy comes from awareness of the audience and the audience’s desires. Additionally, it stems from understanding the most direct ways to differentiate between audience sub-sets.

These examples of successful marketing offer wonderful insights into audience engagement, multimedia campaigning, and targeted ads. Although marketing is constantly evolving to keep up with new products and consumer attitudes, there is still plenty to learn from these case studies. What methods can your marketing strategy adopt from these case studies? For more case studies and the expertise needed to expand on them, contact PGN Agency by phone at (248)414-6860.