Marketing is always changing. As a result, advertisers must adapt in order to reach customers, or get left behind. The latest trends in marketing emphasize the importance of visual tools. However, there’s still incredible value in more traditional approaches if you know how to utilize them. The mix of trends may surprise you.

Email is Still an Important Marketing Tool

We all know that social media is essential to marketing today. However, never forget about the power of email. Just because something seems outdated doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. People still use email, and they use it a lot. Email marketing remains one of the most effective advertising techniques available to the average business. By focusing on a strong, incremented and personalized email campaign, companies can dramatically increase their customer base. They can use the same techniques to increase sales and improve brand loyalty. Everyone likes exclusive offers, after all.

Visual Storytelling

The attention span of the average consumer is continually shrinking. In order to capture and retain a customer’s attention, advertisers need to make their ads visual. While pictures alone have some value, video content provides more value. Visual storytelling through new features, like live streaming, is slowly revolutionizing how customers interact with brands and products. Having a pop-up store in a major city is a good move. You can go farther by live streaming it. As a result, others learn about it and join in the fun remotely, which increases the value of your event. It’s inexpensive to stream through platforms like Facebook. This simple tool seamlessly ties social media and the online experience into your event. Although editing together a video with better flow, shots, and a simple story is essential after the fact, there’s no reason not to engage as many people as possible in the moment.

Influencer-Marketing is Changing

Target-influencers are attracting more and more businesses, and it’s easy to see why. In the age of social media, not only are celebrities more accessible, but they also put out a greater amount of content. Most celebrities have personal Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat accounts. This range of media types makes it easier than ever for advertisers to slip in relevant content, often through native advertising.

The rise of internet celebrities, such as YouTube stars and Instagram sensations, also increases the pool of celebrities advertisers can choose. These influencers slip advertising into their videos, offering their viewers unique discount codes or extra features, and then demonstrate the value of a particular makeup brand, local attraction, or game in their video content. Although this technique isn’t exactly native advertising, it’s compelling. Traditional celebrity endorsements still have their uses. However, there is something far more relatable about the new wave of online celebrities. Younger buyers are especially more susceptible to their influence.

Marketing strategies have to adapt fast to keep pace with the rapid innovations and shifts in the digital world. A year ago, live streaming was a fairly limited phenomenon. Today, every Facebook user has the power to go live at will. To keep up with these changes, you need the best marketing support available. PGN Agency provides clients with the insights, tools, and support they need to advertise effectively in this changing market. To improve your marketing strategy, call (248) 414-6860.