Digital marketing has completely skyrocketed in the past decade. Content can go viral, sporting millions or billions of viewers within a matter of days or hours. The amount of content produced for the internet has also increased dramatically, with roughly 140 million tweets and 2 million videos uploaded each and every day.

For a business, this is both good and bad– on the one hand, your marketing has the ability to reach an unprecedented audience size. On the other hand; it’s quite the struggle to make your voice heard in the depths of the internet.

There’s a powerful tool for this: infographics. Here are our top five reasons why infographics can be so effective as a part of digital marketing campaigns.

  1. They catch reader’s attention. People are visual creatures. Visuals are one of the quickest and most-effective ways to communicate information and emotion. Infographics pull readers in faster than text ever can– but don’t cut out text entirely. Content enables you to dig deeper and explain nuanced concepts, detailing what’s illustrated in the infographic. Together, text and infographics make for powerful content.
  2. Infographics increase your chances of going viral. Think of all the viral content you’ve seen recently. How much of it was written content, and how much of it was videos, images, GIFs or charts? We’re willing to bet most (if not all) of it was visual content. Content that’s all text doesn’t go viral as often because it lacks the powerful visual element. Within a few they can seconds; someone can glance at an infographic and absorb a big message. The quicker something pulls a reader in, and the faster they can understand the big point of the content, the more likely it is to go viral.
  3. Infographics can easily be embedded. If someone likes your infographic or wants to share it, it’s easy for them to put it in an article of their own or on a web page. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you receive credit for the infographic, so it’s best to make sure your logo and company name are stamped on the infographic in case they don’t give you credit.
  4. Infographics grant you credibility. When someone unveils a detailed, easy-to-read infographic that’s just packed with specific facts, it makes a statement. It tells readers that you really know what you’re talking about, and are very familiar with the subject you’re discussing. In short, infographics position you as an expert. You can use this to your advantage and display your expertise to audiences.
  5. Infographics can increase brand awareness. As we advised earlier, if you have the stamp of your company on the infographic with a logo, company name, website address and contact information, it’ll spread awareness of your brand wherever it goes.

If you’re interested in leveraging infographics for your digital marketing campaign, call PGN today. As digital marketing experts, we can help you with whatever questions, concerns or needs you may have.