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Full Impact Video

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With video, it’s the details that matter. More than almost any other medium, video demands absolute expertise in every aspect, from initial concept through the final touches in post-production, if it is to be effective. If it’s going to generate results, nothing less than the best is good enough.

PGN specializes in developing impactful, cost-effective videos that cut through visual clutter, connect with viewers, and drive results. Our team of award-winning directors, producers, editors and technicians have refined the process of video development to a highly-efficient art, transforming raw concepts into glittering realities—and at a lower cost.

Whether a short broadcast spot or an extended YouTube instructional video, PGN begins by gaining a thorough understanding of both your business and your target market—and then developing the strategy, script, and imagery needed to perfectly connect the two. Shot in full definition HD format, expertly lit, perfectly paced and deftly edited, your PGN-produced video powerfully drives your company’s marketing message by grabbing and holding your customers’ attention – and never letting go.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Video is one of the best ways to make an impact and connect with potential customers!


One Production. All media.

Shoot once, show anywhere: That’s the PGN approach. Throughout the process of producing your video, we strive for optimal versatility of the finished product. Your video will look and sound great no matter where it appears—on an HDTV, a tablet, a flat panel computer monitor, or a mobile phone. What’s more, our videos are designed to retain their value long-term: Our crews make sure to get enough B-roll to facilitate ongoing re-edits, follow-up videos, or specialty edits for unique audiences. It’s never been easier—or more affordable—to put the power of professionally-produced video to work for your business.

PGN has the strategic and technical expertise to do it right. Check out our Video Portfolio to see more examples of what we can do for you.