As a web design company in Royal Oak, we know we can help you significantly increase conversions and engage users. Some strategies can be used to increase online engagement and deliver positive results on the overall user experience of your professional website.

It is important to note that there are many different activities involved in making a difference on your new website, so keep that in mind if you are a small business owner.

This article discusses making your site design more engaging and highlights how web development can increase your company’s sales. You will also learn strategies web designers and agencies use to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and create sites.

Metrics to Track User Engagement


There are multiple metrics web developers can use to measure user engagement. Below are some of the most vital ones; these include but are not limited to:

Bounce Rate

bounce rate

You can use this metric to discover how many users leave the website without interacting with it. The more engaging your site is, the lower the bounce rate. If your bounce rate is significantly high, it may be that people can find better information somewhere else or did not find what they were looking for on your website.

In the above case, it usually results in the potential customers leaving immediately.

Time on Website

Time On Website

This metric shows the time that users stay on your website. You can usually get a plugin on your content management system that displays the time people have to spend on the new site.

By understanding what kinds of content they appreciate most, you can use this tracking metric to help engage your visitors better. If you are unsure of how to install plugins on your WordPress or other CMS dashboard, you should contact a professional web designer or web design agency to assist.

Returning Visitors

website visitors

This metric records people who return to your website and browse it again. You can use website design and engagement strategies to encourage visitors to return for another visit and better engage returning users. The best way to do this is with a user-friendly home page or unique social media marketing.

What Is Website Engagement?

website engagement

Website engagement typically refers to encouraging visitor engagement with content on a website, such as displaying comments sections on blog posts or adding social media buttons to a page.

Encouraging user interaction with another part of the website through features like surveys and quizzes is a way you can deliver website engagement to your visitors.

The Best Website Engagement Hacks You Should Know

This section explores how to improve websites’ engagement by using the following 10 hacks.

Add Social Media Buttons to Your Web Design

Social media buttons are the easiest ways for visitors to follow you on social media platforms or share your content with their network. You can consider offering something special to those who followed through the links provided by you once you have noticed an increase in traffic from these shares.

This could be a discount code to your business in Royal Oak, Michigan, simple invitations to give feedback about the website design features, or a free premium access pass. It is important to note that sharing will not influence anything unless your visitors’ feel is rewarded.

Website Popups

Pop Up

The most well-known way to improve your website conversions is through website popups. Your re-engagement efforts or sales can be exemplified through website popups that evoke curiosity.

You can also use popups to offer alternative payment options; for example, if the client did not pay using PayPal, they would get the opportunity to use their credit card.

A word of advice is to keep your website popups short and subtle to give your users no other choice but to click on them when they want to leave the page. Website popup examples like the one above work because you don’t need more than five seconds’ attention span from users while giving them valuable information simultaneously (such as marketing campaigns, coupons, and more.)

Let Web Designers make Your Website Responsive

Make Website Responsive

A web design company can help you optimize your website for mobile marketing to get the best of both worlds. Having a responsive design can aid you in engaging more customers and therefore increase your sales.

If you have an e-commerce or professional website, making sure it is responsive is particularly important. Users expect the same experience wherever they go, whether shopping or browsing online.

Get a web design expert in Royal Oak to supply you with a professional website that displays nicely on different mobile devices. The web designer can focus on providing mobile and tablet users with a simplified interface to improve their browsing experience.

Website responsiveness examples like the one above include offering a single piece of content that can be read on all devices. You can make your information more accessible to a bigger audience with a responsive web design.

Website Count Down Timers

count down timers

Website count down timers encourages visitors to buy before time runs out and increases conversions during sale events.

You could include a counter on your website with information if you have a promotion running for the next 48 hours, and this will encourage your visitors to act before it is too late.

In order to get an attractive benefit or discount upfront, users are seriously motivated by what the website count down timer offers.

Website Design Scrolling Mechanic

Web designers can install a website scrolling mechanic to help show the users additional content based on their preferences and behaviors. These generally appeared directly after the first landing on specific pages and can be used in your re-engagement efforts.

Website scrolling allows marketers to identify what needs to be improved to convert more customers and provide deeper insight into customers’ browsing behavior.

Website Reviews

Website Reviews

One of the most popular ways for marketers to understand their targets’ interests and needs is through website reviews. These reviews can either be products or services available in Royal Oak and is one of the most significant re-engagement efforts.

This is especially true if the re-engagement comes from people who have shown some interest in your online brand.

Royal Oak, Michigan website reviews show trustworthiness to your website visitors by displaying targetted testimonials straight from people who used your business.

Ask Your Web Design Company to Include Video Tutorials on Your Website

It would only make sense to include it on your website to engage more users and increase conversions simultaneously, as video content is very engaging.

Since there is no better way of guiding your customers to use your website or service, user-friendly video tutorials are essential in affordable website design and development.

Website videos assist users with a visual guide to using the site by segmenting things into more manageable steps and is always better than readable instructions that are challenging to follow.

Search Engine Optimization


In Royal Oak, Michigan, even affordable websites should have sufficient SEO work performed to stand out on various search engines. You can ask your web designer, design service, or content management system specialist to create a suitable plan for your business.

Small businesses should use relevant content on their websites to drive traffic to their site through SEO. Clients appreciate a professional company that stands out in the industry and provides them with the services and information they are looking for.

Website Flow and Navigation Improvement

In Royal Oak, Michigan, a professional design service can help you provide a more customer-focused experience that can prominently increase conversions if handled scrupulously. Having an affordable website design is one thing but getting your web designer to make a fluid user experience is another thing entirely.

You may need to hire an additional graphic design expert or other design services if you are a small business owner who wants to go this route. Having a good strategy and skill set can help small businesses make their website more engaging and stand out on the web.

Website flow improvement is all about creating a smooth browsing experience for your users and is essential when trying to increase web traffic and conversions.

On the other hand, an example of website navigation upgrades could consist of color-coding to help visitors understand where they are on the web page, how to return quickly, and other options.

Royal Oak Product and Services Screenshots

Royal Oak Product and Services Screenshots

The best thing you can do for your site is to add screenshots of your services or your products. Standing out in your industry will require more than just adding your contact details to the pages on your website.

Clients want to see what you offer, so make sure your internet advertising includes pictures.

Include FAQs

Including the most frequently asked questions about your service is a great free way to get exposure. Your customers are looking for information about the sales process, and this is the perfect place to give it to them.

Remember, affordable website design services in Royal Oak can help you bring your dream to life.


If you own a small business in Royal Oak or Oakland County, you may be searching for affordable website design services, and rightfully so. Having a place on the web is an excellent way for businesses to get the exposure they want.

Follow the steps in this guideline or contact a professional to create a site that draws attention and converts more customers.