A brand’s website is often the first point of contact between the business and its potential customers. It serves as a digital storefront as well as a reflection of a company’s identity. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it updated and relevant to ensure that it represents the brand’s current business goals and priorities. You can hire a branding agency in Detroit to take care of these things for you. So what are the key reasons why it might be time to refresh your website? 

Here are a few things to notice if it’s time to refresh your website and how you can benefit from it:

If You’re Changing Your Company Name: Changing the name of your company is a big step that needs an instant update to not only your website but your Google MyBusiness, social media, and internal communications. Without taking these precautions, people will become confused and question your company’s credibility. Updating your company name ensures that your website accurately represents your current brand image. A refreshing website will also help you prevent misunderstanding.

If You’ve Updated Your Logo and Branding:  If you have started a rebranding process ( logo update, color scheme, or other branding elements) that is a sign to refresh your website. Your website is the face of your brand’s online presence. If it’s not consistent with your new branding, it can hurt your credibility and harm your brand’s identity.

If You’ve Expanded Your Services: If your business has expanded its services or products, your website should reflect these changes. Adding new pages or sections to your website can help potential customers understand your offerings better and can drive more qualified leads to your business.

If Team Roles Have Changed: If your business has experienced changes in team roles or new hires, it’s important to update your website’s “About Us” or “Team” section. Accurate and up-to-date information about your team members helps build trust and credibility with potential customers. There are so many small advertising agencies in Detroit,  such as PGN Agency,  to help you with these web updates including new team headshots, bios, and photography. 

If Content is Irrelevant or Invalid: Over time, some of the content on your website may become outdated, irrelevant, or inaccurate. If not changed, it can harm your business’s credibility. This will eventually lead to a negative user experience for visitors. Updating your website’s content regularly by agencies like PGN can help ensure that it’s always accurate, relevant, and valuable to your target audience.

Importance of Keeping Your Website Updated

Improved User Experience:  An outdated website can lead to a poor user experience, causing visitors to leave and seek out a competitor’s website. By refreshing your website, you can improve its design, functionality, and navigation. The fact is,  it takes just milliseconds for a user to make a judgment of your website and, ultimately, your business.

Increased Credibility: Create an updated website that reflects your current business identity and accurately represents your services. Good web design can help increase your business’s credibility and build trust with potential customers. Seek an advertising agency near you if not sure how to do it.

Enhanced SEO: Updating your website can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines can recognize your site as active and valuable, leading to improved search rankings and increased organic traffic. Again, an ad agencies in Detroit can help you do that.

Competitive Advantage: With the help of web design companies in Detroit you can ensure that it’s up-to-date. The latest design trends and technologies will be added if you update it. It not only gives you a competitive advantage over businesses with outdated websites, but also attracts more customers.

Competitive Advantage

Signs it’s Time to Update Your Website

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools for any business owner. Therefore it needs an update from time to time. How to know when to update? Check out these signs to know:

  • Slow loading speed

In today’s fast-paced world, people expect websites to load fast. If your website is slow, it can frustrate the users leading to a high bounce rate. Therefore it’s essential to regularly check your website’s load speed and make necessary improvements. Slow load speeds can be caused by several issues, including large image files, outdated software, excessive plugins, etc. Many web design companies in Detroit can help you fix this issue.

  • Web traffic is down

If you notice a decline in web traffic, it could be a sign that your website needs an update. An outdated website that is difficult to navigate, or lacks useful content can turn off potential customers. On the other hand, a fresh, well-designed website can help boost traffic and keep visitors engaged. Find a website designing company that can help you in this regard.

  • Conversions are low

In case your conversion rate is slow, it’s time to take a look at your website. Many issues like a lack of clear calls to action or confusing navigation can lead to this issue. A website redesign can help address these issues and make it easier for users to convert.

  • High Bounce Rate

If your website has a high bounce rate, it means that visitors are leaving your site without exploring it. A high bounce rate can be caused by several issues, starting from slow load times to poor design, or irrelevant content. Hire a web design company in Michigan that can help address these issues and keep visitors engaged.

  • Lacking form fills + new contacts

If you notice lack of form fills or new contacts from your website, it could be a sign that it’s time for an update. Hire a website designing company for creating a fresh, well-designed website. This can help attract new visitors and make it easier for them to contact you.

Things to Consider When Redoing Your Website

Things to Consider When Redoing Your Website

Are you considering redoing your website? Maybe you want to update the look and feel, improve the user experience, or add new functionality. Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider a few key factors before making any major changes.

  • Decide whether you just need minor fixes or a major overhaul. Whatever it is, you can rely on a web designer in Detroit. However, if you’re looking for a significant redesign or new functionality, it’s best to take the help of a website designing company.
  • If you’re considering a complete overhaul, it might be time to invest in a new website entirely. If you feel your current site is outdated, doesn’t meet your needs, or doesn’t reflect your brand properly, it is time! A new website can provide a fresh start and better position you for success.
  • When looking for a new website, consider working with a local agency. If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, for example, search for “advertising agency near me” or “best advertising agencies in Detroit”, look no further than PGN Agency! 
  • A branding agency in Detroit could also be a good choice if you’re looking to update your brand along with your website. Find a web design company in Detroit or Michigan that has a portfolio of websites they have created. PGN agency has the experience of creating sites that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly.

How do I update my website?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of updating your website? There is nothing to worry about, it is a pretty interesting task! With a little bit of knowledge and the right tools, you can make the necessary updates to your website with ease. To be safe, it’s wise to hire a web design company in Detroit to make the necessary changes. 

  • Log in to your website’s backend and go to the page or section that you want to update. Whether WordPress, Squarespace, or GoDaddy, all Content Management Systems have site editors. The key is knowing how to properly use it. 
  • Hire a professional web designer. They are trained and understand the software and code that your website is built on. They have the necessary skills to make more complex changes. Plus, having a professionally developed website can pay off at a later stage.

If you’re looking for a reliable web development agency in the Metro Detroit area, PGN Agency is a great choice. They specialize in branding, web design, and advertising. With a team of experts, they can help you refresh your website and take your business to the next level. Plus, as a local agency, they have a deep understanding of the Detroit market and can help you reach your target audience effectively.

When To Hire a Professional Web Developer

If you want to build a website for your business, it’s important to have a professional web developer on your team. Web designers in Detroit are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining your website. They ensure that it runs smoothly and looks great.

Here are some other benefits of hiring a professional web developer:

  1. Regular Maintenance and Security 

Secure your peace of mind knowing that your website is secure and up-to-date. A professional developer can provide monthly maintenance and updates. This ensures that your website is always running smoothly and is protected against any security threats.

  1.  Software and Design Updates

The best part about hiring a web designer in Detroit? They’ll keep track of software and plugin updates so you don’t have to. These updates are essential for the smooth functioning and renewal of your website. 

  1.  Monitoring Security

A website’s security is of utmost importance, and a professional web developer can help you monitor it. You can even hire a web design company in Detroit or Michigan to maintain your website’s security. These professionals will ensure that it remains protected against any potential threats.

Having a well-updated and smooth website is the key to a successful business. If you want to increase your reach or maintain your brand image, get professionals to help! For all of your web design, web development, and web maintenance needs – contact PGN Agency of Royal Oak, Michigan today! Until then, support a small business and keep up with our team on social media.