In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of printed materials. Many people wonder if anyone still reads books. Similarly, many question the future of print newspapers. Yet polls show that the majority of Americans still prefer print books to e-books, and some argue that print newspapers are still a force to be reckoned with.

Why do these viewpoints and statistics matter? Because they show that even in the digital age, there’s something valuable in printed materials. People still enjoy something immediate, something they can touch. By extension, print marketing is still an invaluable tool for marketers.

There’s fewer distractions with print marketing

When you’re browsing the web or checking your email, you can open up a new tab and start reading, watching, or listening to something else with only a few clicks. The result is a less-focused audience. People skim content on the computer or watch a fraction of a video before skipping to the next thing. With print marketing, your audience is much more likely to stick with you for a while, reading everything you have to say.

Print marketing can go beyond paper

When people think of print marketing, they often think of brochures or business cards. Sure, these materials have their place. However, print marketing can include shirts, mugs, and pens. One of the greatest benefits of print marketing is that it offers your audience something tangible– something they can touch, something that will trigger their senses. It allows your audience to physically connect with your brand. Additionally, if you make nice mugs or pens that people enjoy using, they will be routinely exposed to your logo and business name.

Print media can be interactive

Of course, there’s the obvious examples of shirts, mugs, and pens, but even paper material can be interactive. While many people assume that print materials are relics of the past, that’s simply not the case. They’ve evolved to stay modern like any other form of marketing. With QR codes (and upcoming NFC technology), users can interact with print media to log onto your website or engage in other web-based activities. Print materials can be more modern than you think!


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