Social media is bigger than ever before. 85% of adults use social media, and the same poll found that 58% of adults follow a brand on social media. Never before has it been so easy for brands to reach their audiences directly.

Of course, this also creates a lot of noise and a lot of competition. To cut through the crowded social media marketplace and reach your audience, it’s vital to stay on top of the biggest trends. Here are the trends that have dominated the scene for 2016:

  • Fewer posts of higher quality. Of course, high-quality content has always mattered. But platforms are shifting their algorithms so that the focus is on more relevant, quality content rather than the volume of content. For instance, Instagram just revamped their algorithm so that newsfeeds are not ordered by time of publication, but by their relevance.
  • Live streaming is becoming more important. Demand for live streaming is growing, and businesses are capitalizing on this engaging medium. Live streaming has become increasingly popular, especially with the release of Facebook Live. It’s an effective way for companies to make their audiences feel like they’re right there with them “in the moment.”
  • People are shifting to other platforms than the big three. Of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all major players in SMM. However, more and more users are turning to Instagram and Snapchat. While more of a niche, these platforms are playing a larger role in SMM, meaning you should pay attention to these platforms if you haven’t already. Marketing on these platforms isn’t necessarily worth it for every business, but they’re certainly worth looking into. Facebook is still leading the pack overall though, meaning you shouldn’t necessarily divert your attention from this social media giant!
  • Buy buttons are becoming more common. Advertising has always existed on social media, but more companies are transitioning to an integrated “buy” button that allows for easy purchases. These buttons provide a call-to-action and allow for converting followers into customers. If you don’t have one already, it might be worth looking into incorporating these buttons into your pages.

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