1. What is your experience, and do you have any specialties?

Some marketing agencies specialize on specific types of projects. Here at PGN Agency, we focus on these primary fields: 

  • Branding/Packaging/Logos
  • On and Off-Page SEO
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing 

PGN wants to make sure that our agency matches your business needs and goals. Our tagline is “Where creativity meets results!”


2. Do you have any experience within my industry?

When working with PGN, we align the correct design/project team member that has worked in your field. As any good agency will tell you, most staff members are skilled and trained with overlapping experience. 

All projects at PGN start with research in a kickoff meeting. This is where we create the project brief. 

There may be times when PGN is aided by one of our partnerships — people whose proven skills may have already been established, which saves money and time for our clients. 

There are times when we may certify and train ourselves to be up-to-date with all the new rules and regulations. It may be that a fresh set of eyes outside of the traditional view is needed.


3. Do you have relationships with my competitors? 

Something that counts as much as industry experience is the marketing principles that make best practices. If you are a restaurant that is looking for marketing assistance, it is probably a good idea to choose an agency that works with other restaurants. 

If you are a public relations firm, it might not be a great idea to work with your top local competitor’s agency. We are open and honest — ask us if we have any relationships that might impact your working relationship.


4. Who at PGN will I be working with directly on my project?

There will be a project manager that will be the liaison that will lead you through the path of all our various services to keep all the flow in place from agency to client. 

That person will work with you directly on your project. That person will be the dedicated project manager that serves as a middleman between you as the client and our internal team.


5. What is the background of the individuals who will be working on my project?

Our agency’s staff are trained in the fields they service for the best possible results. Many of our staff are experts in more than one skill to help our team collaboration to provide the optimal positive effect. 

Our team is diverse in their skills — from web development, SEO, SEM, content writing, design, photography and videography — we have it all here at PGN! 


6. Do you use freelancers or is your team in-house?

We do use freelance staff, as we work best when our skills are highlighted by others. We have long-term relationships with all our freelancers, and they all have been tested and vetted. They do amazing work, and we enjoy the chance of getting a fresh set of eyes on everything we do.

When selecting a marketing and design agency, our in-house team has obvious collaborative advantages, but we think its advantageous for us to use freelancers at times who go above and beyond.


7. What are some measurable examples of success your clients have had based on your work? 

Success can have many goals. From the outset, PGN sets the goals and needs of every project with our client at a discovery meeting. Both parties need to see the target and understand what the measurables are and if they are realistic. 

The end goal for PGN is to make  your marketing project successful. We always start with a clear definition of that goal whether your project is to create a website website, implement SEO, design a new logo, improve your social media standing, or anything else. Our client can provide the best examples of our success. Please look at our testimonials page to hear from our clients!

Case studies and other marketing reports can be a good way to assure you that we can deliver on your unique business and marketing goals. 

You can check out some of our projects on our website:

Filippa’s Re-Branding

Italian American Cultural Society Digital Marketing Strategy

Temo Backyard Living Website Redesign


8. Can you talk me through the process of completing my project?

Our team works with our clients to establish a core list of goals for every project we work on. As we determine the objective of each campaign, we focus on creating a timeline that suits the project and helps us to achieve the best result possible according to those goals.

We work hand in hand with our clients every step of the way in order to ensure their needs are being met. Our clients always know where we’re at on a project, and are actively involved in the process. 


9. How do you communicate with clients?

We always work with our client’s preferred communication channel, but a lot of our work — like website links, logo proofs, and other digital assets — will always be handled electronically via email. PGN is fully committed to always using the best technology available to us. We use a professional project management software, assuring a clear path to the best method for sharing thoughts and content, maintaining common vision on our project.


10. How much will my project cost and what are the other billing details that will impact me?

We know that every project is different, and tailor our budgets accordingly. Depending on the size of the company, the project itself, and the deliverables, the budget of your project will change. 

We  have been in business for over 37 years. Throughout that time, we’ve seen many businesses go with the cheapest option available to them. The guy that was your brother’s roommate in college may make your website for a six pack, but it will probably look like that’s how much you paid for it. Quality does cost and it pays off. 

Like what you read? Call us now and make  your next project a success. PGN: Where creativity meets results!