Company culture is one of the greatest assets an organization has for marketing and advertising. No one promotes a business like enthusiastic employees, and no one provides better service than a satisfied customer service representative. While building a positive culture can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be expensive and can reap large rewards.

With this in mind, what can a company do to build a positive culture? Here are PGN’s four pillars of company culture:

  • Keep culture in mind throughout the hiring process. When hiring new employees, don’t just hire for productivity, talent, and experience. Sure, these are important qualities that deserve a hefty amount of consideration– but not at the expense of your culture. Journalist Robert Scoble notes that it’s important for start-ups to avoid hiring bad apples, people who are rude or anger other co-workers. Note that every employee will have an effect on company culture, good or bad. Beyond hiring, watch how existing employees affect culture, and don’t rule out firing people who damage your culture. It’s important that employees feel good about coming into work, and if someone is hindering that, it might be better to let them go.
  • Remember your employees are on the same team as you. A business will always have superiors and subordinates, bosses and grunts. However, that doesn’t mean there needs to be any shortage of respect at your company. Managers, bosses, and CEOs should never forget that they are on the same team as their employees and that the success of the business depends upon each and every employee. As such, promote an attitude of teamwork in the office and refer to your organization as a “team” rather than a “company.”
  • Ensure that employees are in tune with the mission, vision, and values of your company. Say you run a pizza delivery business, but don’t have any written mission statement, vision, or values. Your employees will assume your mission is to “sell pizzas, make money.” Hard to feel good about, right? Codify your mission, vision, and values. Make it clear to employees what you stand for, and what you want to accomplish. To continue with the pizza joint example, your mission might be to “provide the highest-quality pizza with excellent customer service,” or to “make someone’s day a little better with pizza.” Your values might include a “dedication to superb service,” and a “commitment to the community” through supporting local businesses and engaging in fundraisers. Having everyone on board for this mission and values gives employees a sense of purpose and greater job satisfaction.

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