Here at PGN, we’re all about content. We’ve talked about how important content marketing is in the age of Facebook and Twitter, and we don’t think it’s going anywhere soon.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of content marketing, we’re going to take a minute to discuss how to produce truly great content. Anyone can write a blog post or a tweet, but how do you make something that will actually resonate with audiences?

    1. Identify what you have to offer audiences. If you don’t think you have anything worthwhile to share with audiences, you’re not thinking hard enough. If your company specializes in a particular trade, then you almost certainly have knowledgeable insight to share with your audiences. For example, a bakery can provide excellent advice regarding dos and don’ts for making cupcakes or cookies. Alternatively, you might have an employee with a great sense of humor — in that case, you can put together comical content that people will want to share with their friends. Denny’s social presence shows us how it’s done!

    3. Create an overarching content strategy. Set a clearly defined objective for your content marketing. Unless everyone knows what success looks like, you won’t know how to get there or when you’re succeeding. An objective might be to build a popular blog based on giving customers expert advice, or one keeping them informed about the latest trends in an industry.

    5. Be consistent! Some content marketing works because it’s funny, some because it’s useful, etc. While you can mix and match a little, it’s important to keep a consistent tone throughout your content. If everyone enjoys a helpful post one week, they’ll want to come back for more helpful posts. Without consistency, audiences will lose interest and stop following your content.

    7. Don’t push audiences to buy, view, or do anything. In other words, let them sit back and enjoy your content. One of the big advantages of content marketing is that it offers audiences value in and of itself. If you rush through your content to push a product or to do something, it will come across as phony. In other words, make content marketing about your audience.

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