Before you can say that bounce rate is more important than the number of visitors, you must know what bounce rate is. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that click on your website and then leave without going to any other page on your site. This means that people essentially “bounce” off of your website by only looking at either your home screen or an internal page. They don’t venture to any other pages on your site. Basically, bounce rate comes down to the fact that people come to your website and either finding what they want and nothing else, or finding nothing interesting. Don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are some reasons why the bounce rate is more important than the number of visitors.

Call to Action

Some websites only goal is to get you to contact them in other ways besides through their website. If your website is only used as a tool to direct customers elsewhere, then a high bounce rate is an excellent achievement. Visitors are going to your site and immediately finding the phone number, email, or another site that they need to contact you. They don’t have to mess around and click on endless pages in order to find your contact information. This means that if you have a high bounce rate, then your website is set up perfectly to get people to the exact page that they need to get the right information. If your goal is to direct people to one page and contact customers using other methods, then bounce rate is more important than the number of visitors.

Limited Content

If your website has a limited amount of content, then there is no reason for people to have to go past one page. They can see all that they want right there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You are still having people visit your website, they just don’t have to go further than the first page. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that your website doesn’t have a lot of content. It could mean that you just put the contact that directly relates to your audience and it is all they want to hear.

Bounce rate is sometimes put in a negative light when it is actually a positive thing in many scenarios. Bounce rate is more important than the number of visitors because it means that people are most the time immediately finding what they want from your website. PGN Agency is experienced at increasing a website’s bounce rate. We know how to create your website so that people go directly to the page they need without any fuss. If you want to increase your website’s bounce rate, then contact PGN Agency at 248-414-6860.